British Manufacturing

Across the globe British manufacturing is still highly respected for its innovation and unwavering quality, whilst British manufacturers themselves are put on a pedestal for their reliability and integrity.


Being British through and through, these highly regarded qualities flow through every item that Kemps manufacture on site in Leeds - just take a look at our long list of ground-breaking projects.


In fact our pursuit of quality has inspired us to re-think our conventional processes. Today Kemps are one of the very few companies in the world to use ovens rather than traditional bombarding to process and fill our cold cathode lamps. With this important technology, Kemps Cold Cathode lamps retain longer Lumen maintenance and will last 20-30,000hrs longer than many of our competitors lamps.


And our work isn't finished yet. We're continuously innovating, testing and re-engineering to ensure the quality of our products remain reassuringly British and that they keep on inspiring lighting designers from around the world.

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