Kemps on the move

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Kemps will shortly be moving into new premises as part of our ambitious growth strategy. The new Leeds facility will incorporate over 11,000 sq ft of manufacturing floor space, a dedicated testing facility and a purpose-built showroom with facilities to entertain both designers and media conferences.


Mark Kemp (MD) said: ''This is a big step for us, but with the number of projects we are working on, it's the only sensible option. We have desire to grow and through working closely with our Business Development Manager we have been able to elevate the brand all acround the world. We are talking with potential partners who want to represent us and with the support of lighting designers and building partnerships, we've already been able to set the foundations from which we plan to build upon. We have surrounded ourselves with business professionals who care about what we do and the services we offer which stands us in good stead for our expansion. The company was started as a small family business and traditional values of customer service have always been an integral driver of our success. Whilst growth is important, the quality that we supply and not just the product will remain our priority''. 


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