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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

With today’s ever discerning customer, luxury hotels are finding new and innovative ways to upgrade their aesthetics and diversify from the competition.

Architectural lighting is a versatile tool for elevating luxury hotel design – both inside and out – and as lighting technology advances, so do our opportunities to achieve increasing opulent displays.

We’ve specified architectural lighting for luxury hotels internationally, completing projects in locations, including Dubai, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Our experiences have shown that there’s no limit to what can be achieved with clever use of the right component parts. So, for a bit of inspiration, here are our top 5 ways architectural lighting can be successfully utilised within luxury hotel design:

Shangri la 1

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1. Create something unique

When guests expect luxury, they will be looking for one-of-a-kind opulence. Where average is not an option, unique interior lighting immediately helps to set your hotel apart from run of the mill, corporate interiors.

The beauty of a bespoke lighting system is that it’s as a design feature as much as it’s a practicality. Bespoke lighting features can be seamlessly integrated into your design to enhance surroundings and create a memorable statement.

Grand Hyatt 3

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2. Establish your prominence

A luxury hotel should turn heads – from the moment you set eyes on it. Clever use of architectural lighting turns a hotel building into a beacon on the skylines, drawing in customers with the promise of splendour within.

Wherever your hotel is in the world, a lighting system built from quality materials, that’s well-suited to the structure and climate of your site, will keep your hotel outshining the competition for decades to come.

Raddisson Blue

3. Say something about your brand

Whether you’re a commercial hotel brand or independent, lighting is an important indicator of the tone you wish set for your entire establishment.

Take this bespoke fitting at the Radisson Blu in Leeds. Described on their website as ‘iconic, stylish and sophisticated,’ Radisson Blu hotels are aimed at a more travel-savvy, professional target market compared to their edgier counter-part; Radisson Red.

As well as stylishly accommodating on-brand colours, these art-deco inspired bespoke fittings perfectly signal the smart and sophisticated values that sit at the heart of the Radisson Blu brand.

Rocco Forte 2

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4. Create the right ambiance

When customers expect a no-expense-spared experience, your interiors need to exude charm from every corner and lighting is the lasting – and more economical – way to achieve this. Spend time on beautiful interior lighting and it will instantly enhance everything, from the carpets and curtains, to the flower displays.

Dull corners and strip lighting are a no-no, and a large scale lighting system doesn’t even need to be a costly hindrance. LED lighting technology means that luxury schemes can be achieved using 90% less energy than incandescent lighting.

Sheraton Edinburgh 2

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5. Make sure it’s durable and cost-effective

Architectural lighting can elevate your whole design, but if it’s not built to be durable and economical, it will become costly to maintain.

As experienced lighting fabricators, we understand our materials inside out and have developed products that are hard-wearing and long-lasting. The average lifespan of an LED is 50,000 hours (or around 6 years) which – combined with durable metal encasing – represents a solid material investment.

Want to tap into our luxury hotel lighting expertise? Tell us your challenge and we’ll help you illuminate your vision.

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