The end of neon and the end of an era

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Kemps Neon began in 1989 with siblings Mark and Mandy. Over the next 20 years, we became one of the UK’s largest neon manufacturers.


We supplied many of the UK’s largest sign companies with neon for sign rebranding roll outs. We created neon signs for high street banks, hotel chains, pubs, restaurants, and supermarkets across the UK and even into Europe.


In 1998, we were fortunate to supply and install neon signage and lighting on the set of the Michael Caine film “Little Voice” which was filmed Scarborough.


In 1999, we supplied signs for the Millennium Dome, depicting 6ft high red neon airport codes from across the world. These are two stand out memories from this era, but we have been privileged to have supplied neon to so many varied clients, large and small.



Whilst the journey has been eventful and enjoyable, with many good memories and friendships, we’ve decided to close the neon department to focus 100% on LED lighting.


The demand for neon and cold cathode lighting has declined over several years, and it’s reached a natural end point. During these years, we’ve faced challenges and our team has developed, expanding our reach into the technical and complex world of LED lighting.

Whilst we have a nostalgic appreciation for neon, LED lighting is now our real area of expertise and it’s an exciting and ever-changing world. LEDs continue to advance in terms of output, durability, and control. Lighting designers create amazing designs built for efficiency, longevity, and appeal.


We’re seeing a move toward human-centric lighting designed around the circadian rhythms of the people who use a building. Lighting schemes are being designed to adapt to external conditions and generate the lowest carbon footprint possible.

 Dubai mall extension

Image: LED lighting on the facade of the The Dubai Mall 

The possibilities of LED are limitless. And we’re pleased to be at the forefront of LED lighting manufacture in the UK right now.


It’s an uncertain time as we adapt to the pandemic and Brexit, but it’s reassuring to see designers, architects, and specifiers giving British LED lighting products the recognition they deserve. Manufacturing quality products at competitive prices has always been our priority at Kemps and ending neon production is part of our continued commitment to this.


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