Manufacturing your creativity

Kemps Architectural Lighting are 'enablers of creativity'. We take designers' ambitious schemes and break convention to find a way to make them happen. It's for these reasons that we, and many lighting designers, are so passionate about cold cathode lighting.


Being a linear, 360 degree, in-direct light source, cold cathode tubing not only allows the designer to be more creative, it also allows our team of experts to hot work lengths by hand into seamless lighting in virtually any shape.


Through innovations in energy efficiency and thanks to Kemps' unrivalled range of convertors and transformers, cold cathode is now used by many designers to add an extra dimension to ceilings, bars and staircases, and is considered the best product to create a soft and inviting ambience in public areas such as galleries, shopping complexes and hotels.

Long lamplife

Our standard lamplife is usually 50,000 hours, although we have achieved 80,000 hours on some previous projects.

Low maintenance

Thanks to the long lamplife and therefore minimal maintenance, Kemps' cold cathode lamps are the most economical solution for restricted access or hard-to-reach areas.


Kemps' cold cathode is much more cost effective than similar performing LED products.


By hot working each lamp by hand, Kemps' can form cold cathode lamps to fit most design features.

Extensive colour range

Kemps use the highest quality triphosphor coatings to offer a choice of over 50 colour options, from 1800k Tri White to Ruby Red. To see all of our options, check out our colour range.


At Kemps we have been installing cold cathode lighting in high profile projects for over thirty years, and we're constantly testing and perfecting the technology to ensure our cold cathode remains brighter and lasts longer, than any other similar product.


Kemps' cold cathode lamps can be dimmed, cross-faded and colour mixed using 0-10v, DMX, Mains Dimming and Dali.

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