8 questions to ask your architectural lighting manufacturer

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By: Kemps

Why choose an architectural lighting manufacturer?

Lots of businesses supply great products, but they don’t all create them.

Working with an architectural lighting manufacturer adds a new dimension to your project. You secure the best quality products direct from the source and you can tap into their product engineering expertise whenever it’s required.

But selecting a manufacturer can be tricky. They all come with their own set of skills and credentials. The simple answer is to do a bit of research. Speaking to a few different manufacturers allows you to choose a company that’s suited to the task at hand.

A good place to start is by asking these key questions….

Q: First of all… can it be done?

The tell-tale sign of an accomplished manufacturer is that they don’t shy away from a challenging brief. Problem-solving and bespoke design are second nature to UK architectural lighting manufacturers, so always approach them with your ideal product in mind. The chances are, they’ll find a way to achieve it.

Q: What would you recommend?

Architectural lighting manufacturers make excellent sounding boards for your ideas. They’re backed by an in-depth understanding of the technology, as well as decades of experience. If you’re struggling with the details of a design or simply want to make sure there’s no better way to achieve a particular effect, just ask.

Q: Do you have a product that fits this description?

It’s often the case that the product we need already exists and this saves a lot of time and hassle. Always ask your lighting manufacturer what products they already have within their range or if they’ve produced anything similar. You might find exactly what you’re looking for right away.

Q: What materials work best in these conditions?

LED fixtures are designed for a huge range of purposes, including outdoor, indoor, wet, dry and very hot conditions. To get the best lifespan from your chosen lighting products, as well as ensuring they are safe, you need to check they are suited to their installation environment.

For instance, at Kemps, we’ve completed several installations in Dubai. The products we provided were backed by rigorous testing to make sure they would stand up to searing temperatures and desert storms.

When in conversations with your chosen manufacturer, it’s important they can supply this information and explain how and why your products are suited to their end surroundings.

Q: Are the products made in the UK?

British manufacturing is synonymous with quality and durability. UK architectural lighting manufacturers are regulated by a range of British and European standards that reinforce their practices. It’s useful to clarify whether products were manufactured in the UK, as if not, they may not meet the necessary regulations.

The vast majority of our range is produced at our Yorkshire facility. However, there are some products we offer that are manufactured by partner organisation. These are carefully selected, such as German lighting manufacturer, Lightnet, to ensure we’re always meeting the highest production standards.

Q: Can you install them for us?

You may well have installation covered, but it’s always useful to build a working relationship with a manufacturer who can be on hand to provide installation support, if required. You may want your manufacturer on site to consult or carry out the physical installation, either way, it’s a useful backstop to have.

Q: What safety regulations are the products tested on?

This is crucial information that your architectural lighting manufacturer should be able to provide (and prove) on request. As we mentioned above, you want to know the products you are purchasing comply with the relevant health and safety regulations.

Q: What’s new?

Manufacturers work on many different designs, for a huge range of cross-sector purposes. This makes them ideally placed to keep track of newly-emerging ideas, techniques and practices. Talking to your lighting manufacturer about new technologies or their previous work can be a valuable source of inspiration. You may even discover a fresh perspective to feed into one of your future designs.

Have you got a question you’d like to ask us? You can reach the Kemps team on 0113 263 9039 or info@kempslighting.com.

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