Introducing the next generation of linear LED… Alphaeus 3

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By: Kemps

Alphaeus is our range of linear LED fittings, perfect for facades, exteriors and wall washing. A popular product, the Kemps team has been refining its design in order to better meet the requirements of our customers.

Now in its third cycle of development, the longevity of Alphaeus is testament to its strength as a leading linear LED fixture. Lighting designers rely on the product in its various forms for façade lighting and wall washing in both exterior and interior applications.

Hot off the press, Alphaeus 3 benefits from a sleek new design. The product blends seamlessly into its surroundings, with a variety of beam angles and adjustable brackets allowing light to be directed exactly as required.

We’ve also improved the lighting technology by including a latest generation Luxeon LED chip, enabling an impressive light throw of up to 10 metres.

What are the benefits?

The changes will allow customers to get more from the fixture, which is adaptable to a huge range of applications. The product’s overall appearance has been improved to enable seamless finishing and its functionality has been increased to deliver greater flexibility of design.

Alphaeus 3 can be wall mounted to the façade or fixed to the floor in order to direct the light as required. And selecting adjustable brackets gives you further control over the light reach and direction on installation.

Customisable design – here on site 

At Kemps, we’re architectural lighting manufacturers who design and produce products in-house at our Leeds-based facility. This gives us the advantage of being able to constantly develop and refine our products in response to the direct feedback we receive from our global client base.

It also means that it’s often straightforward to customise products on request in response to clients’ specific requirements. Because we understand the subtle details that are important to lighting designers, architects and specifiers, we can design products that have adaptability and versatility in these areas.

Do you have any questions about the new and improved Alphaeus 3? Or perhaps you’d like a quote? Get in touch with our team today.

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