What are the best linear lighting products?

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By: Kemps

Linear lighting is ideal for commercial and public spaces. It provides low maintenance, far-reaching illumination everywhere, from walkways and ceilings, to internal structures and facades.

But it’s not just practicality that makes these fixtures a popular choice. The sleek and streamlined finish of linear lighting products is all part of the appeal.

Highlight and add impact

Light from a linear source can be used to draw attention to line and structure. This makes it useful if you want to create a spectacle, outline something or focus the eye in a particular direction. With the ability to install custom lengths and shapes, linear fixtures are a versatile option for complex designs.

Linear fixtures are commonly used in two main ways:

1. Feature lighting

2.  Hidden, in-direct lighting

In-direct linear lighting

It’s common practice for designers to use strips of light within in-direct lighting schemes. Linear fixtures provide a homogenous light source that creates an even, uninterrupted glow. For luxury schemes, such as hotels, bars and restaurants, this kind of in-direct light provides atmosphere and elegance.

Linear lighting fixtures for in-direct lighting:

Photograph by ©James Newton

Feature linear lighting

A linear lighting system can have the effect of drawing the eye across a space. Take this staircase, for instance, at the Royal Opera House, London. We produced 28 bespoke linear fittings that were recessed into the stairs. These fixtures light the way for passing visitors, but they also highlight the elegant structure of the staircase itself. This is a prime example of how linear lighting can be used to subtly enhance a space.

Photograph by ©James Newton

Linear lighting fixtures for statement schemes:

Photograph by Max Oppenheim

Creating dramatic lines and added space

For interiors, particularly those that are compact or boxy, linear lighting can provide the illusion of extra space. When used effectively, the lines of light work to elongate a room. Take a look at the lighting in this studio at boutique gym, BLOK, for example. The linear fixtures provide sleek, uninterrupted light that spans the length of the studio, helping it feel bright, open and much larger.

Photograph by Max Oppenheim

Recessed linear fixtures for ceiling, wall or floor lighting:

Exterior linear lighting

For large commercial lighting schemes, the exterior is equally as important as the interior. The front of a shopping centre, restaurant, hotel or even office space, should look welcoming and appealing. Façade lighting is an important part of this and there are a range linear fixtures for exactly this.

These fixtures need to be long-lasting and stand up to tough conditions in order to keep maintenance costs down. They also should also be able to be managed remotely using DMX control and remote drivers.

Linear fixtures for facades and exterior schemes:

In terms of what can be achieved using linear lighting, this is just the start. The beauty of these fixtures is how simple it is to realise ambitious designs and create show-stopping results. All of the products we manufacture here at Kemps can be adapted and customised to your brief.

If you’d like to talk to us about incorporating linear lighting into your next project, get in touch with the Kemps team on 0113 263 9039 or info@kempslighting.com.

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