Brand new architectural lighting products launched July 2018

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By: Kemps

At Kemps, we’re relied upon by the lighting designers, architects and specifiers we work with to supply the very best architectural lighting products for their projects. And over the past 25 years, we’ve built up a solid reputation as lighting manufacturers and product designers.

As such, we’re always looking to create new and exciting lighting products to share with our clients. This summer, we’re delighted to be introducing two brand new LED products to our permanent range; one modular LED luminaire; and one flexible LED strip.

Product #1: Figura

This product was inspired by a project completed at West One Shopping Centre, London, working with our long-standing client, StudioFractal. Kemps received a challenging brief for a series of modular LED luminaires which were to be mounted within a tiled ceiling display.

The unique shape of the fixture meant we were unable to illuminate them using regular LED PCB’s as this created an uneven glow. Instead, we designed and manufactured a unique triangular PCB to ensure full illumination without any spotting or shadows.

Once we’d seen how well this worked, we realised we could adapt the structure – and Figura was born. We’ve since created 3 standard modular shapes with a 70mm deep Aluminium profile. However, Figura is by no means limited to this and can be customised to specific dimensions.

Various shapes and sizes are possible on request and lumen outputs, dimming options, finishes and fixing methods are also adaptable to suit your project requirements. The only limitations are the imagination of your design…

Product #2: Clarius

Clarius is the latest addition to Kemps’ permanent range of flexible LED light strips, alongside Flexus. Clarius is a high quality LED tape which can be run along curved surfaces to create glowing light that’s perfect for coves, furniture and shelving.

The tape provides beautiful colour tones with incredible consistency, making it ideal for interior and indirect lighting schemes. As with the vast majority of Kemps products, Clarius is available in a range of different colour temperatures giving you complete control within your design.

What’s our next challenge?

The lighting designs our products feature within are what fuels our future work. Each element of a new fixture designed by Kemps will have been informed by our experiences creating similar products. And it’s this progressive approach that makes us fantastic manufacturers.

Is there a luminaire or lighting fixture you’d like to see produced?

Just tell us!

Talking to new designers about their ideas helps to develop ours. Bespoke designs are a huge part of what we do and, as with Figura, they influence our permanent range. So don’t be shy! However small or incomplete your concept feels, share it with us and we’ll help you turn it into a reality.

If you have an architectural lighting project you’d like to share with us, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, or request a quote.

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