Celebrating 30 years as a world-class British lighting manufacturer

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By: Kemps

We’re proud to be a British lighting manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience

Kemps was founded in 1989 by sibling partnership Mark and Mandy Kemp. Since then, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers, providing LED lighting products and bespoke lighting solutions for some of the biggest and brightest names in lighting design.

You can find lighting products manufactured at our Leeds factory in all kinds of high-end projects, including Kings Cross Square, Terminal 2 Heathrow, Sainsbury’s Digital Hub, The Berkeley Hotel and BBC London.

Internationally, we’ve supplied lighting products such as for 5-star hotels and property developments across the Middle East, including the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Radisson Hotel in Dubai, and the Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Being a British lighting manufacturer, we’ve got a reputation to uphold

British manufacturing is renowned for its quality and trustworthiness. We’ve always worked hard to earn our reputation as a reliable manufacturer that delivers high-performing products.

The products we supply are constantly refined and adapted to meet the demands of the lighting designers and consultants we work with. If there’s an advancement in LED technology, we’ll introduce it to our product range and client briefs.

Working alongside some of the industry’s most accomplished lighting designers means we’re often presented with complex and adventurous designs. Luckily, we relish a challenge.

In 30 years, we’ve never rested on our laurels

Moving from neon sign production to cold cathode, and then into LED, we’ve had quite the journey. But it’s this experience that’s allowed us to stay ahead of our game. We’ve got a team of product developers and lighting technicians who absolutely know their trade – some of whom have been with us since the very start.

To share the journey and celebrate 30 years in business, we created this video:

It’s not an easy time to be a British manufacturer. But, if 30 years teaches you anything, it’s that there are always ways to adapt. When your business is backstopped by a knowledgeable, talented team and ambitious clients, it’s amazing what can be achieved.

We’re looking forward to seeing where the next decades takes us!

Do you want to team up with us on your next lighting design? Get in touch on 0113 263 9039 or info@kempslighting.com.

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