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In 2013 StudioFRACTAL were approached to develop the lighting design for the refurbishment at The Meadows shopping centre in Chelmsford.

We were delighted to be nominated by Studio Fractal to help design this bespoke LED luminaire which firstly contributes greatly to the light output for the mall areas, but it’s unique design provides a very decorative feel for this newly refurbished mall.

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The design

The architectural design was well developed as StudioFRACTAL firstly created a lighting strategy to understand the client’s requirements of increasing the light levels and appearance, enhancing the aesthetics of the architecture, helping to gain interest, entice visitors and balance the daylight and artificial lighting in the atrium spaces and reduce the overall energy consumption.

The design developed to provide an all LED lighting scheme consisting of a crisp cool wash of light across the new vaulted mall ceilings, supported by regularly spaced small downlights.

The lighting to the large atrium spaces included linear wall washing to the sides of the spaces (above the retail units) to help create the ‘feel’ of brightness and within the centre of the space were positioned an array of evenly spaced bespoke rectangular pendants.

The pendants

The pendants were designed to be slender, thin floating boxes complete with a 750mm opening within the centre to help create a light, translucent feel. The lower part of the pendant holds a 3000 lumen LED downlight to provide ambient lighting to the ground and is complete with a lightly frosted diffuser to reduce glare.

The sides of ‘slot’ opening in the centre of the pendants has two number short linear uplighters to gently wash light on the brightly coloured inside faces. The finish of the pendants is a matt black exterior, to provide contrast to the surrounding white architectural finish and then completed with a reflective gold / orange finish to the sides of the opening – creating splashes of colour in the atrium.

The pendants are located within the 4 atrium spaces including a double row in front of the colour change feature wall at the high street entrance. Located to gain maximum impact from the passing pedestrians.

Chris Sutherland, StudioFRACTAL’s Design Director said of the project:

“Kemps Architectural Lighting were selected due to the experience and knowledge to help develop and fabricate the bespoke pendants. Their input, engineering skill and craftsmanship was welcomed during the production design and fabricate phase. Kemps were able to help provide quality luminaires with maximum energy efficiency to meet the design intent requirements as well as providing alternative material solutions to help reduce the pendant weight and cost.

They regularly visited StudioFRACTAL’s offices to demonstrate sample finishes – including the final selected material, review of production drawings and provide luminaire mock ups for approval. Their expertise was a vital ingredient in ensuring these highly visible feature pendants were delivered to the highest level possible.”

The end result is truly magnificent and another fine example of the collaboration between designer and manufacturer.

Managing Director of Kemps, Mark Kemp

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