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Clients and building owners have long been aware of the maintenance benefits of low level lighting, but often the achievable lighting levels are relatively low and suitable only for external public realm environments.

However, with the growth of large scale developments and public buildings there has been an increasing demand for a more functional and efficient low level lighting product. Aware of the demand and of the limitations of existing market products, Kemps Architectural Lighting teamed up with lighting design professionals to develop a new low-level lighting solution that can provide high levels of good quality, consistent illumination.

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The Wayfinder

The Wayfinder product range has been designed as a series of modular components that can be assembled in a variety of configurations to suit multiple lighting requirements. Each modular component is available in varying lengths and optics. The design has been driven by the compact characteristics of LED technology and the need for efficient optical control. A unique angled LED array has been designed to create the optimum distribution of light from the luminaire across the ground plane. Each array focuses the light in a specific direction, reducing any spill light and optical glare. This control allows the designer to create an integrated low level lighting scheme capable of achieving illumination levels of 100 – 200 lux.

45 lensed LED's

Each luminaire comprises of 45 lensed LED’s installed in modular groups of 45°, 30° or 15° from vertical. Integral drivers ensure that the on-site installation is as simple as possible with 2 mains cable entry points in the base of each luminaire. The optics and drivers are concealed within the extruded body of the luminaire which has been designed to have minimal visual impact when installed into an architectural balustrade system.

Modular design

The modular design and construction has allowed for further development of the original Wayfinder product into a versatile family of luminaires. A wall recessed version is available along with a slimmer version with reduced light output. Bi-directional versions provide lighting to both sides of the balustrade and a wall wash version is in development which can be mounted horizontally with a soffit to provide even wall illumination.

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