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Kemps was approached to tender by NPS back in September 2017. The project was to refurbish the 7 existing chandeliers that had hung in Leeds Town Hall since the 1960s.

We were excited to be invited to look at this one as it’s such a prestigious project and one in our own city where local people could be involved.

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What we did

The order was received in February 2019 with a schedule for an August completion. We went straight into planning and procurement in order to meet the schedule set by the council.

The chandeliers were first dismantled and the internal and external frames cleaned and refinished. While this work was in progress, both the bespoke LED modules and the specially fabricated chassis to hold them and their control gear were designed and manufactured.

These were designed to ensure sufficient and homogenous illumination of the completed chandeliers. Once the chassis and the replacement diffuser panels were manufactured, we began re-assembling the chandeliers ready to be installed in line with the project timescale.

Installation and results

The hall, which is over 10 metres high, is used for all sorts of events from concerts to formal meetings. It was important to be able to set the right scenes appropriate to the event and the refurbished chandeliers will achieve this.

We began installing all 7 chandeliers in early August, at a rate of 2 per week. Throughout this process, we coordinated carefully with Bermar who ensured the completion was kept on track.

What the client had to say

“As part of the Leeds Town Hall roofing scheme, we had to update and refurbish the Victoria Hall Chandeliers. This had to be accomplished within a tight shut down period of 3 Months. We chose Kemps Architectural Lighting from 3 other specialist providers.

The suppliers had to have the correct technical ability and manufacturing capacity to complete the refurbishment. They needed to provide the right LED package to ensure the client’s brief was met. Kemps were proven to be the right choice for this project, providing timely design proposals and overcoming technical problems with the existing equipment.

The onsite works were completed with Kemps’ own installation team who worked well with the client team to maintain the tight deadlines set be the contract. The client was very impressed by the completion of the project including the vivid colour change of the fittings, which were more than they expected from the initial briefing. Kemps provided a very professional and efficient service throughout this project.” – Steve Laycock, Senior Project Engineer, NPS Leeds

The restored chandeliers have created an environment of real class, with the intense colours contrasting against the historic, ornate ceilings and walls. The effort from the Kemps team has been fantastic from start to finish and they should feel very proud of their contribution to this once in a lifetime project.

This is another example of the skills and experience we have here at Kemps and we look forward to the next challenge to push ourselves even further forward.

Mark Kemp, Managing Director, Kemps Lighting

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