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In early 2023, we were thrilled to receive an opportunity to support the implementation of a new state-of-the-art LED lighting upgrade for a distinguished Grade 1 listed shopping destination nestled in the heart of our hometown. The owners sought to rejuvenate the venue, infusing it with renewed radiance through the installation of cutting-edge LED lighting solutions.

Collaborating alongside partners NJS Lighting  and esteemed consultants at Wallace Whittle, who meticulously crafted a lighting scheme that not only delivered the appropriate lumens and ambiance befitting the venue’s stature, but also made significant strides in reducing operational expenses and minimizing the carbon footprint by working with us as a local manufacturer, aligning perfectly with the client’s objectives.

By implementing the LED upgrade in the mall, Wallace Whittle project substantial savings, including a decrease of 98,305 kWh in electricity usage, a reduction of 13,369 kg in CO2 emissions, and an impressive 65% drop in energy consumption.

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Before the LED upgrade..

The current lighting in the shopping mall clearly required an enhancement, necessitating a transition to LED technology. The inadequate light levels and subpar ambiance did not befit the stature of one of the city’s premier shopping destinations. The outdated fluorescent lighting and energy-intensive technology had been neglected for several years, prompting the client’s commitment to revitalizing the illumination. The objective was to implement an energy-efficient and sustainable lighting system, aiming to significantly improve the overall experience for both tenants and visitors at this esteemed location in Leeds.

Central Globes

The initial 21 clear glass globes were lit by standard filament bulbs, offering minimal illumination. Our assignment involved creating an LED globe that could seamlessly attach to the existing intricate steel support. The design team considered employing an opal globe, anticipating that its 3000K high-lumen output internal LED light source would provide nearly 360-degree illumination. In a cost-effective approach that embraced cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we opted for 3D printing to construct the main support base. This decision not only helped control costs but also decreased lead times and minimized the environmental carbon footprint, aligning with the client’s vision and expectations.

Domed ceilings

The mall’s domed ceilings are a masterpiece of engineering, showcasing intricate details and craftsmanship. However, the current lighting failed to seize the opportunity to accentuate these remarkable features that were carefully crafted many years ago. To rectify this, the design team discreetly incorporated 130 off  3000K LED projectors with adjustable brackets. These projectors were strategically positioned and aligned to bathe the entire ceilings in light, aiming to elevate and highlight the awe-inspiring domed ceilings, creating a space that now invites admiration and appreciation.


The existing balconies suffered from inadequate lighting, featuring a mix of fluorescent tubes of varying colour’s accumulated over several years. Recognizing the need for an LED upgrade in this area, the teams goal was to achieve focused lighting that would uniformly illuminate the first-floor arches and intricate architecture. To address this, we installed our linear Fortis 3 LED fixtures throughout the first floor, utilizing 3000K LED with a 60-degree wide beam for optimal light coverage. Each fixture was equipped with an anti-glare cowl to conceal the LEDs from ground-level view, and a total of 175 meters has been successfully installed. The noticeable improvement in light levels, compared to the original lighting, is remarkable, providing the mall with illumination that now complements the heritage of this exceptional location.

Unit Globes

The illuminated globes at the entrances of all 39 retail units required replacement to align with the design adopted for the larger central mall globes. These smaller globes underwent a transformation to a 220mm diameter opal acrylic with internal LED lighting. The design incorporated a Brass finish drop rod, seamlessly blending with the shop fronts and adding an elegant touch that complements the mall’s heritage. Internally lit with a 26W LED, these globes deliver over 3500 lumens, signifying a substantial performance boost while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

“Kemps have delivered an outstanding service throughout the entire process, and the final outcomes have exceeded our expectations and those of our client. Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Kemps Architectural Lighting for future projects”

Jacob Bredski, Associate Director at Wallace Whittle

View Linkedin post from Wallace Whittle on the 9th Nov 2023.

Thanks also to the project team and installers of the electrical contractor Livingston M&E

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