What makes a 5-star hotel lighting scheme?

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The beauty of luxury lighting is it transforms a room entirely without you noticing. Lighting has the power to alter the atmosphere of a space and those within it.

A 5-star hotel lighting scheme should set the tone and encourage guests to feel at home. A guest’s experience is shaped by how comfortable and relaxed they feel. The lighting design is as important to this as the décor or furniture.

Architectural lighting is a versatile tool for elevating luxury hotel designs, treading the line between subtlety and splendour. We’ve supplied architectural lighting for luxury hotels internationally, completing projects in locations, including Dubai, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Our experiences have shown us what goes into a 5-star hotel lighting scheme. Here are our top 5 ways architectural lighting can be successfully used within luxury hotel design:

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1. Create something unique

When guests expect luxury, they expect something unique. Custom built interior lighting fixtures set a luxury or boutique hotel apart from corporate interiors.

The beauty of a bespoke lighting system is that it’s as a design feature. Lighting features create a memorable statemen, like a beautiful piece of art or sculpture.

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2. Establish your prominence

A luxury hotel should turn heads – from the moment you set eyes on it. Façade lighting turns a hotel building into a beacon on the skylines, drawing in customers with the promise of what’s within.

Wherever your hotel is in the world, a lighting system built from quality materials, well-suited to the structure and climate, will keep your hotel outshining the competition for decades.

3. Say something about your brand

Whether you’re a commercial hotel brand or independent, lighting is an important indicator of the tone you wish set for your entire establishment.

Take this bespoke fitting at the Radisson Blu in Leeds. Described on their website as ‘iconic, stylish and sophisticated,’ Radisson Blu hotels are aimed at a more travel-savvy, professional target market compared to their edgier counter-part; Radisson Red.

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4. Create the right ambiance

Luxury lighting is about more than fixtures. Lighting should respond to the time of day and be controllable by those using a space. Dimming systems that adapt to the time, weather, and the preference of the guests provide ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

We supplied LED lighting for the 5-star Berkeley Hotel in the heart of Kensington, London. Every suite features 0-10V dimming, controlled via a wall mounted Lutron touch plate. The guests can adapt the lighting within the elegant suites.

As well as stylishly accommodating on-brand colours, these art-deco inspired bespoke fittings perfectly signal the smart and sophisticated values that sit at the heart of the Radisson Blu brand.

5. Make sure it’s durable and cost-effective

Architectural lighting can elevate your whole design, but if it’s not built to be durable and economical, it will become costly to maintain.

The lifespan and durability of the products used should be considered as part of a 5-star hotel lighting design. The average lifespan of an LED is 50,000 hours (or around 6 years) which – combined with durable metal encasing – represents a solid material investment.

Want to tap into our 5-star hotel lighting expertise? Tell us your challenge and we’ll help you illuminate your vision.

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