Fortis 3 – The efficient and serviceable linear LED fixture for facades

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The compact linear LED fixture for facades

What makes a good fixture for outdoor façades and wall washing schemes?

Lighting for wall washing and facades needs to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and provide a steady light throw at the desired angle. Linear LED fixtures for facades and wall washing should be:

1. Durable
2. Efficient
3. Lightweight
4. Repairable
5. Reusable

Minimal maintenance and high efficiency are features that contribute to useful linear fixtures for outdoors. Building facades can be difficult to access and any lighting systems used need to be controlled from the inside, from an easily accessible point.

What makes Fortis 3 the pick for facades?

Kemps has been manufacturing linear lighting for indoor and outdoor use for over three decades. Everything we have learned about lightweight and efficient luminaire design goes into the products we manufacture. Fortis 3 has been designed with LEDs from leading manufacturer Luxeon.

Fortis 3 is a compact, high quality IP66 linear fixture for focused wall washing and facade lighting. The latest in our range, Fortis can deliver 4578 lumens per metre at 1400mA, with a power consumption of just 28W per metre.

Is the product repairable?

Yes, Fortis 3 has been designed with circular economy principles in mind – its fully upgradeable and 100% recyclable. The lighting can be serviced, repaired and upgraded without the need for a new fitting, saving time, energy, money, and precious resources.

What lengths is Fortis 3 available in?

We manufacture lengths from 168mm up to 2552mm and in increments of 140mm, with a physical size of just 25mm x 25mm.

What about beam angles?

Fortis 3 is available in a range of beam angles from 15, 25, 35, 45, 60 and 15×50 degrees to suit your application. The product has been designed around the high performance Luxeon chip for maximum lumens, efficacy, and various colour temperatures.

What colour temperatures and control options are there?

The options range from 2200K up to 6500K with a choice of 80 and 90CRI. For control, Fortis 3 is available with DALI, 1-10V, Phase or DMX dimming, or simply switched.

High performance in outdoor conditions

The diffuser has been designed using a co-extruded clear polycarbonate with TPE snap-fit legs. The design provides complete protection against water ingress, dust, and dirt, for a lasting, maintenance-free fixture. Fortis 3 is IP66 rated.

Would you like to specify Fortis 3 for an upcoming project? Please get in touch with our team.

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