Which LED suppliers do you use?

Our clients expect the very latest in quality LED, driver and control technologies, which is why we only partner with respected and reputable suppliers. Our suppliers currently include Luxeon, Cree, Osram, Eldoled, Tridonic, Meanwell, Casambi, alongside additional well-known brands.

By sourcing materials from trusted partners, we’re able to ensure that we can continually improve the efficiency and quality of our lighting products, by achieving the best lumen per watt from the LEDs and offering the most efficient power and control solutions.

What ‘bin’ grading are your LEDs?

As LEDs have developed for use in illumination, manufacturers have characterised the range of LEDs on offer by using grading points of luminous flux (lumens), colour (CCT) and voltage (Vf) – a process commonly known as “binning”.

The number, size and tolerance of flux and voltage bins has reduced significantly over the years, and most LEDs are now “hot binned” at normal working temperature, to give more accurate and usable data and consequently enable the simplification of product design.

At Kemps we use “centre/best bin” LEDs, ensuring that we can offer the best in CCT and luminous flux. This gives us consistency within our products, and solutions that you can rely upon.

What LED colour temperature options do you offer?

Kemps offer products with a wide range of single colour options ranging in CCT from 2200-5700K, dynamic/tuneable (warm to cool) white solutions, Pixel, RGB and RGBW colour change, and in many cases, the option of 80 or 90CRI.

Are your LED lighting products efficient?

It’s important when specifying commercial LED lighting solutions that you don’t just select on lumen output, but that you buy the fitting that gives you the best luminous efficacy.

Luminous efficacy, commonly known as Lumens/Watt, means that the higher the lumen output and the lower the wattage, the better the efficiency the product will offer.

Here are some examples to demonstrate, based on some of our products:

  • The Luxeon LEDs used in our Proteus product offers an LED efficacy of approximately 160 lm/W at source at 30mA test current using 80CRI LEDs.
  • The Luxeon LEDs used in our Alphaeus 3 range offers an LED efficacy of approximately 260 lm/W at source at 700mA test current using 80CRI LEDs.
  • The Cree LEDs used in our Figaro 60 products offers an LED efficacy of approximately 156 lm/W at source at 150mA test current using 80CRI LEDs.

It’s important to ensure that the PCB design incorporates the most suitable components to operate the LEDs to ensure consistent performance. Buying the cheapest does not guarantee an efficient design, and our experts are here to ensure you get the maximum efficiency possible for your project.

Are Kemps LED lighting products designed in line with TM66 guidance?

Designing repairable and reusable products has become part of our approach. Our new products are designed to meet TM66 guidance where we continue to try and improve our products as the defined process created by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Society of Light & Lighting  (SLL)

We are members of the Lighting Industry Association and signed up to the Recolight WEEE compliant recycling scheme. Membership demonstrates our commitment to a circular economy for the lighting industry. As a UK manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, it’s our responsibility to customers to limit waste and reduce the consumption of finite resources.

Can you provide bespoke LED lighting solutions?

We’re very proud of our background in delivering bespoke LED lighting products for prestigious projects around the world. In turn, this has given our design team considerable knowledge in providing innovative solutions to meet even the most complex requirements.

These projects have involved the design and manufacture of custom aluminium extrusions, diffusers, reflectors and the fabrication of complicated fabricated housings, enclosures, bracketry, and structures. Just a small example of our broad capabilities.
For many of these projects, Kemps have designed custom single colour, dynamic white and RGBW colour change LED light engines for use with a wide variety of lighting control systems including DALI, DMX, and SPI. Whatever is asked of us, we’ll find a way to achieve it.

What support is provided for bespoke projects?

If you require bespoke products for a lighting design, our design team will collaborate closely with you at every stage – from concept, through all phases of the design process and on to installation, ensuring a streamlined service and the delivery of all brief specifications.

With our own in-house manufacturing facility and close relationships with key supply chain partners including local specialist engineering, sheet metal fabrication and powder coaters & anodisers for every aspect of your bespoke LED lighting project which is delivered to the highest professional standards.

Our in-house team of designers, project managers, technicians, engineers and assemblers, support the prototyping, testing and manufacture of your design and offer advice on lighting control systems, including supply and programming if required.