How your architectural lighting problem becomes our inspiration

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By: Kemps

Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, you might assume we know all there is to know about architectural lighting. But you’d be wrong.

As the world of lighting design evolves, we do too. This means that we’re constantly developing the fixtures and fittings we create and pushing the boundaries of what we thought they could achieve.

While we have a steadfast knowledge of our materials and methods, we’re always discovering new ways of creating truly spectacular finished products.

Our biggest source of inspiration? It’s you – our clients

Every time a client comes to us with something specific they need to achieve, it’s an opportunity for us to create something completely unique – and learn something new about our industry.

We don’t like compromise. Our clients are some of the world’s leading architectural lighting designers and architects so we maintain that whatever their vision, it should be realised exactly. And if the fixture that’s required doesn’t exist, we’ll make it.

Many of our most beautiful lighting systems include bespoke items and this manufacturing experience is something we can then tap into in the future. What we learn from a large shopping centre development like Westquay, we can then channel into creating a bespoke light fitting for a local restaurant.

Tell us your challenge – and we’ll deliver the results

When you’re in the midst of a lighting design project and grappling with all the different elements, securing the finer details can feel like a laborious headache. But for us, this is a catalyst to our creativity.

As soon as we are brought on to a project, we get to work delivering to your deadlines. If there are challenging elements to your design, we take them on and focus on creating something to accurately fit within the agreed timescales.

Take our recent project with StudioFractal, for instance. As a part of their ambitious architectural lighting scheme at Heathrow T5’s first-class First Direct Access security bay, they asked us to create 14 bespoke luminaires in time for the launch.

The luminaire bodies were already secured on-site, so we had to employ incredible precision to make sure everything came together accurately on installation. Describing our response, StudioFractal’s Design Director, Ian Payne, said:

“Working with Kemps, we realised a well-crafted product family that retained its luxury appeal. We’ve called upon Kemps’ expertise on many award-winning projects and their support was instrumental in making the First Direct Access a success.”

Even with our wealth of expertise, we’re still often tested by our clients’ ambitions. But this is precisely what keeps us ahead of the game. It’s our capacity to take on a challenge – rather than shy away from it – that has seen us realise many award-winning projects over the years.

Have you got an upcoming project? Tell us your challenge and we’ll create the ideal lighting solution that meets your requirements.

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