The LED pendant that gives you total control at the touch of a button

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Discover Imperium: The Bluetooth LED Pendant

We’ve launched a new product. It gives you total control of colour temperature, intensity and beam angle at the touch of a button. The Bluetooth LED Pendant is called Imperium and is the latest addition to our accent lighting range.

LED lighting is configurable in so many ways; the colour, brightness and beam angle to name but a few. The beauty of this is that lighting can be manipulated to dramatic effect, changing and evolving before your eyes.

Remote control, such as Bluetooth or DMX technology, makes all this possible. And user-friendly controls have made feature lighting more practical and accessible for all kinds of businesses.

Take Imperium, for instance, our brand new Bluetooth LED Pendant

The pendant is fully Bluetooth connectable using Casambi technology. You can change the colour temperature, intensity and beam angle and it’s all done wirelessly, via smartphone app or control system.

This removes the obstacle of running control wires to every light fitting in the building, making the pendants easy to install. It’s also possible to create separate zones, controlling multiple fittings at different times.

Imperium is ideal for the hospitality, museum, leisure and retail sectors. For premises visited by customers, the look and feel of the interiors is important and can influence a customer’s perception of a brand. In these circumstances, lighting design is part of setting the right tone.

Accent lighting features draw attention to key features and make a statement with accomplished lighting schemes. The Bluetooth LED Pendant is the latest addition to our accent lighting range. It’s sleek, bold design means the fixture is both practical and decorative.

Imperium’s features include:

Enhance entrances, light communal areas and highlight displays

It’s no secret that pendant lighting is a popular staple in many luxury schemes. Imperium has the advantage of being both a stylish design feature and practical accent lighting tool. It directs light from above and the adjustable beam angles means you can wirelessly amend the light throw.

It’s a fixture that’s been built to provide maximum adaptability for designers, while also being incredibly user friendly.

If you’d like to talk to us about Imperium or any of our other accent lighting fixtures, get in touch on 0113 263 9039 or

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