Infographic: The effects of lighting on wellbeing

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By: Kemps

Artificial lighting is a fundamental part of the world around us

From the electric lighting in our homes to phone screens, street lamps and the large scale architectural lighting systems of public places, we’re almost always exposed to artificial light as we go about our daily lives.

This is something we’ve always taken for granted as a necessary, perhaps unremarkable, part of life. After all, it’s not possible to rely on the daylight hours alone. But the long-term effects of bright lighting exposure is something that many scientists and lighting designers are increasingly aware of.

Researchers now understand more about the unseen ways in which certain types of artificial light affect our brains. Although the effects are subtle, they are significant.

The effects of lighting on our mental wellbeing is one area that’s been explored, and the findings have implications for workplace lighting in particular.

Take a look at the infographic below for some of the headlines from studies into lighting and wellbeing in the workplace, and discover what some organisations are doing in response.

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