Introducing Flexus – flexible LED light lines

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By: Kemps

Flexus is our range of bendable LED light lines, designed to help you successfully illuminate bends and corners that are difficult to reach.

These opal encapsulated LED light lines are IP68 protected and available in vertical and horizontal bending directions for complete flexibility. They enable lighting designers to play around with shape to light unconventional spaces and surface areas.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor schemes, the beauty of Flexus is that you can achieve a huge selection of finishes in commercial and domestic environments. As with most lighting technology, there are numerous ways you can use Flexus to its best effect, they include:

Sweep corners and sculpt bends

LED light lines are incredibly useful for adding emphasis and structure, but schemes can often be restricted by the length, shape and rigidity of the fitting you’re working with.

Flexus removes this obstacle and allows you to run LEDs smoothly around corners, edges and bends, as required. Useful for outlining buildings and curved features like coves, Flexus creates clear bands of uninterrupted light that flow across your space.

Indirectly light curved surfaces

Indirect lighting is a sought-after design feature in many luxury interior schemes and can be used to subtly highlight furnishings, as well as showcase the overall architecture of a room.

The trick to achieving an effective indirect lighting scheme is finding a fitting that distributes light evenly, fits within your space and is easily hidden or disguised. This can prove problematic when it comes to curved spaces.

Flexus has been designed with this in mind and runs flush across curved surfaces with ease. You can even choose whether the light source faces out, down or up to fit exactly with your scheme’s requirement.

Here’s Flexus in action, illuminating this elegant island bar at Sophie’s Steakhouse, Soho, London:

Create standalone lighting features

Flexus delivers a uniform illumination with no hotspots and is available in a range of RGB colour tones(2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Dynamic White, RGBW, RGB, Red, Blue, Green, Amber), making it the perfect fitting for feature lighting schemes where the case is visible.

Within restaurants, bars and retail interiors especially, statement lighting helps to create ambience and personalise spaces. Flexus can be used within such schemes to create bright, colourful light lines that play with shape and curve to dramatic effect.

Carefully positioned alongside the edges of a room, Flexus LED light lines work to underline wall and floor space, creating a luxury finish that adds intrigue and elevates the space.

Got any questions about Flexus or how you could incorporate it within your next project? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or get a quote.

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