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By: Kemps

Ever since manufacturing began, architectural lighting products have had a part to play in the creation of beautiful landmarks across the globe.

From the Eiffel Tower, which was built back in 1887, to mid-century and contemporary landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Singapore’s Supertree Grove, architectural lighting schemes can effectively elevate already spectacular physical structures.

As LED fixtures have become more versatile, lighting designers have had the chance to create landmark-worthy schemes in more everyday places. Public spaces like airports, stations, bridges and urban squares are now commonly brought to life with ambitious and striking illuminations.

This is the real beauty of architectural lighting – it possesses the unique ability to transform seemingly practical spaces into something noteworthy, elegant and, at times, even magical.

Transforming public places

At Kemps, we’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of key projects at well-known public places across the UK. The most notable would have to be the Kings Cross Square redevelopment back in 2015.

The square is visited by thousands of travellers each day and, although it’s not exactly a tourist hot spot, stepping out at Kings Cross is something many of us firmly associate with London. The scheme designed by StudioFRACTAL transformed the square into a beautiful oasis of light and activity.

Similarly, last year’s Leake Street Tunnel redevelopment has seen an underpass in South East London become the city’s #194 most popular thing to do, as listed by TripAdvisor. Our linear RGBW uplights were specified by Nulty Lighting to illuminate the incredible graffiti art lining the walls of the tunnel.

Bringing buildings to life

Landmark buildings come in many forms and don’t necessarily need to be of historical significance. Every city has their own local landmarks that are loved whether they’re 5 or 500 years old.

In our home town of Leeds, we had the pleasure of creating a series of bespoke uplighters for the much anticipated shopping complex and local tourist attraction – Victoria Gate.

Victoria Gate is home to the North’s flagship John Lewis and its launch attracted much attention, both regionally and nationally. Although many wouldn’t consider a shopping centre as a landmark in the traditional sense, it’s a truly fantastic building that has become part of the city’s cultural fabric.

One building that can certainly be held up as culturally iconic is the Royal Opera House, London. Originally built back in 1732, the building has been preserved over the centuries, housing some of the world’s most accomplished performers and artists.

The Opera House is currently undergoing its latest round of refurbishments, reinforcing and renovating a series of interior spaces. Again working with StudioFRACTAL, Kemps have been lucky enough to manufacture a bespoke profile specifically for the project.

It’s a fantastic feeling to see fixtures designed by our team brought to life within places that are appreciated by so many people across the world. Our creative approach to design and rigorous manufacturing processes enable us to do justice to every landmark project we come across.

If you have an architectural lighting project you’d like to share with us, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements, or request a quote.

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