The art of light fitting restoration

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By: Kemps

The beauty of light fitting restoration

In our role as lighting manufacturers, we’re surrounded by new technology. We spend our time creating contemporary fixtures with sleek lines and lightweight structures.

But, every so often, a light fitting restoration project comes along that allows us to remember the beauty of traditional light fittings.

Light fitting restoration – what’s the benefit?

Many people assume that old light fittings, despite their elegance, will be inefficient and no longer fit for purpose. But this isn’t necessarily true. If fact, many vintage or antique light fittings can be adapted to make them just as efficient and economical to run as modern fixtures.

Traditional light fittings are often hard-wearing structures made from durable materials, like brass. Many fittings were handcrafted, meaning they are of a high quality and built to last. It’s possible to refurbish the existing frames of older fittings with new LEDs to bring them up-to-date.

We recently had the pleasure of restoring these 7 chandeliers from Leeds Town Hall. The chandeliers had hung in Victoria Hall since the 1960s, illuminating the ornate ceiling of the building’s main event space. Their refurbishment and reinstallation was part of an ongoing renovation of Leeds Town Hall.

What’s the main challenge?

Historic light fittings are often extremely heavy and delicate. They usually contain more parts than modern fixtures, making the handling, deconstruction and rebuilding of these fixtures quite complex and time consuming.

This was one of the main challenges we faced when dealing with Leeds Town Hall’s chandeliers. Each had to be taken apart with all the elements carefully labelled and stored, before being cleaned and refinished, as required.

The other consideration is fitting this existing structure with new LEDs. If the fittings are from a commercial or public space, the efficiency of the light source will be important, as will features like remote control. This is where the experience of a lighting manufacturer comes into play.

We fitted each chandelier with bespoke LED modules and specially fabricated chassis and diffuser panels. The reassembled chandeliers were then rigorously tested at our factory before being installed back in the hall.

The beauty of the old and new

Although projects such as this inevitably take extra time and planning, it’s possible to create something that looks uniquely beautiful.

We’re continuing the restoration work for Leeds Town Hall, upgrading further internal fittings to LED. In doing so, the building keeps its heritage and traditional charm intact, while running as efficiently as possible.

It’s extremely satisfying to restore a historic piece of craftsmanship to its former glory, knowing it hasn’t gone to waste. This sustainable approach to lighting design and building restoration is something we’re proud to be involved in.

If you’d like to talk to us about a light fitting restoration project, get in touch with the Kemps team on 0113 263 9039 or

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