Providing high quality, sustainable lighting products is something very important to Kemps. For this reason we are proud to be a distributor of LumiAdd products.

Supporting the Circular Economy.

Kemps have partnered with LumiAdd due to their visions and actions of supporting the principles of a circular economy. They are a UK based manufacturer of a range of high quality spotlight products that can be track mounted, recessed or surface mounted. These products are manufactured to many different specifications which have many options in colour temperature, beam angle, RAL colour and control. Custom pendants can also be manufactured upon request.

LumiAdd’s products are 3D printed luminaires that are manufactured with PLA & PLA/PHA bio plastics. These are both biodegradable and compostable materials that are made from sustainable and renewable plant based resources.* Their products were rated ‘EXCELLENT CIRCULARITY’ as per the TM66 Circular Economy Assessment Method (CEAM) which is the highest category.

* PLA requires industrial composting conditions

One other excellent service LumiAdd provide to ensure the products life cycle loop is closed as per the circular economy is a buy back scheme. This provides an incentive to send the luminaires back to LumiAdd so they can be re-used, re-furbished or recycled. This is facilitated by having easily acccessible QR codes on each fitting that provides information on the scheme.








More than just a LumiAdd distributor

As experienced architectural lighting designers and manufacturers ourselves, our services extend way beyond the status of a LumiAdd distributer.

If you need tailored advice to get the best outcome from your installation, you can access our 30+ years of knowledge at any time. We’ll help you select the right style, mounting, finish, light intensity, wattage, beam angle and more – we know these products as well as our own.

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  • 3D printing on demand results in zero waste
  • LumiAdd uses bio based plastics
  • 33% less Co2 emissions than petro chemical plastics
  • 97.5% less Co2 emissions than aluminium
  • LumiAdd products achieve the highest TM66 rating
  • LumiAdd is offering a buy back scheme

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As a LumiAdd distributor, just contact us if you require a demo booking in or you would like pricing or technical support.

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