Kemps light up King’s Cross

Thursday, September 25, 2014


The redevelopment of King's Cross Square, the station's new entrance, has finally reached completion and the new awe-inspiring lighting scheme has made quite the impression. The project is the first large scale public realm project in the UK to be lit entirely by LED technology, and we played a major role in providing both standard and bespoke luminaires.


The entirely LED lighting scheme was created by lighting designers, StudioFractal and maximises the reduced energy consumption and longer life span synonymous with LED lighting solutions.


We are proud to have been chosen as suppliers of LED lighting for the development. The end result is truly inspirational, and we are very proud to have played our part in the rejuvenation of one of London's most historic landmarks.


The project, designed by our friends at StudioFractal, used the building's imposing stature as a backdrop, and with striking results. The newly exposed building had been concealed since the 70's by a large metal canopy that blocked the breath-taking views of the building's impressive façade.


The London-based lighting designers won the commission back in 2010 and chose to use our LED for the project. StudioFractal founder Chris Sutherland says that the design was based on the idea of maximising views of the recently revealed, now illuminated, grade 1 listed building.


"We utilised three large lighting columns to provide most of the square's ambient light, with a secondary layer of light provided by integrated lighting using the various structures and landscape furniture within the square." comments Chris.


This selection of integrated lighting is where the majority of our luminaires were used - integrated into canopies and benches to create seamless, diffused lines of light. It was important that any visual luminaires were kept to a minimum to deliver maximum aesthetic impact. Impressive stuff, wouldn't you agree?


Chris goes on to talk about how we helped them to develop a 'family' of linear LED luminaires to suit the various applications of the project, and concludes:


"At the time of specifying the LED products for this project, Kemps were one of few leading manufacturers that could provide the range of luminaire profiles and lumen outputs we required. Of course today they have more competition, but they continue to lead the way with their linear lighting products."


As part of this momentous project, one of the most famous sections of the building was also given a little TLC when we provided the luminaires for the new, improved, low energy LED lighting for the clock at the top of the façade.  


We're extremely pleased with the realisation of the project, our Managing Director, Mark Kemp, is too:


"The new square in front of the beautiful old facade is not only a new meeting place, but also a place where people can sit and relax at all times of the day. The clever use of in-direct and direct light creates a very relaxing vibe around what used to be such a hectic place, which is testament to the Lighting Designers and their vision."

Watch the incredible time-lapse video below to see the stunning finished project in action.

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