From mundane to magnificent: transforming shopping centres with architectural lighting

Thursday, December 22, 2016

It’s that time of year again. When lots of us spend more time than we’d like in shopping centres. Despite their convenience, shopping centres often feel like pretty soulless places. Between the plastic trees, windowless walls and never-ending muzac, they can all start to feel exactly the same.

There is, however, one design feature that continues to be used to effectively add personality into shopping centre developments. And that’s architectural lighting, of course.

We’ve worked with lighting designers on a number of shopping centre projects to create innovative architectural lighting systems that breathe life into large commercial spaces.

We’ve taken a look back at two international projects, creating lighting systems for European shopping centres:

Galleria 1

Galleria 2

1.        Galleria Mall, Bulgaria

This stunning example of interior lighting design by Lighting Design Collective creates a playful and unique shopping environment by cleverly utilising colour and shape.

Over 4km of bespoke lighting was specified to create the coloured bands of light which tie the whole space together brilliantly, drawing your eye across the different levels.

Selected for our responsive approach, we were able to realise the design with ease. Lighting Design Collective founder and design director, Tapio Rosenius, commented ''Kemps Architectural Lighting jumped into a complex, large scale and fast track project with great attitude and resources. Their skills and determination ensured timely and high quality supply of the required lighting technology to our client and helped greatly to achieve a successful realisation of our design.''

Almere 1

Almere 2

2.        Almere Shopping Centre, Netherlands

To light a shady entrance space at this Dutch shopping complex, this beautifully abstract architectural lighting system was designed by Studio Fractal.

We created the elegant swirls of light from steel, with bespoke lighting used to illuminate the shapes. A challenging design, the result is totally unique and transforms the space.

The beauty of innovative architectural lighting design is that it takes a large commercial space and gives it a unique personality. We help designers to deliver visual impact by creating unique lighting solutions in response to their requirements.

Have you got an architectural lighting challenge? Tell us about your project and we’ll create a lighting solution to fit.

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