Energy efficient commercial lighting for public spaces

Thursday, June 18, 2020

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Energy efficient commercial lighting for public spaces


The benefits of using energy efficient commercial lighting fixtures to light public and commercial spaces are undeniable. It reduces the carbon footprint and running costs of the finished development and meets the efficiency standards expected.


LED – the only choice for energy efficient commercial lighting


LED lighting is by far the most energy efficient way to light a space. Sustainability is, and should be, a priority for everyone – businesses or otherwise. Using LED is one way to build energy efficiency into commercial spaces, particularly as it’s electrically powered and can operate at lower voltages.


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Energy efficient commercial lighting – remote controls and circadian systems


Lighting a building for the people within it and how they operate limits energy waste and creates a more comfortable environment. Sensor and timed lighting are common in places like toilets, washrooms and corridors. But this idea can be taken a step further.


What if lighting was adaptable to the weather conditions outside, or the time of day? There’s been much research into the productivity benefits of circadian lighting systems – lighting that mirrors the natural patterns of the day.


Later in the morning and toward the end of the day, softer, warmer lighting is used. Bright, cool light is reserved for early morning and right after lunch to boost alertness.


Want to know more about circadian lighting rhythms? Read our blog ‘The Science Behind Effective Workplace Lighting.


Lighting buildings in this way reduces the amount of light being given out where it’s not needed – and where it could even be having an adverse effect. Research has shown that bright light is invasive and even stress-inducing for people spending large amounts of time in a space. It doesn’t make sense to expend more energy than necessary over lighting a space, particularly when it could cause more harm than good.

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Planning for energy efficient commercial lighting


To be energy efficient, commercial lighting systems need to tick several boxes. The fixtures and LEDs chosen should be energy efficient in design, long lasting and made using quality materials. Sourcing fixtures with a clear warranty and high lumen output is one way to ensure this.


It’s worth examining the brightness of the light source and matching it to the space and how it’s used. If there is lots of natural light, or areas that are used more than others, this should be fed into the design too. Lighting controls should be made adaptable to limit wasted energy.


Finally, look to your supply chain. What methods are used to produce the lighting materials? Where are the products you specify manufactured? We mentioned warranties already, but it’s also worth finding out what standards a manufacturer complies with and which trade bodies they are a part of. This is a good indication that their practices measure up with efficiency guidelines.


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The products using less energy to light public and commercial spaces and what goes into energy efficient systems.