Spotlight on Figaro - the Commercial Linear LED Solution

Monday, May 30, 2022


At Kemps Architectural Lighting, we’re always innovating. Our creative team of experts are constantly thinking up and developing ambitious new lighting designs. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Figaro, a collection that’s constantly evolving and proving a great hit with our clients as an efficient and competitive lighting product.



A linear LED solution


The Figaro is a linear LED solution for commercial offices, public areas and CAT A projects. It’s UK designed and manufactured and is serviceable in line with TM66 guidance and the circular economy.


What are the key benefits of Figaro?


• It has three different installation options – it can be surface, suspended or recess installed.
• It’s just 67mm in width. 
• It’s fitted with an internal white reflector which is 99.6% reflective. This helps to prevent any shadowing.
• It’s designed with the latest, industry-leading Cree LED technology.
• It’s versatile, with 3 power options, and various lengths, shapes and finishes possible.
• There are various colour temperatures available, as well as opal or micro prismatic diffusers to soften and diffuse the light.  
• It is dimmable using Casambi Bluetooth technology. 
• It’s designed and made in the UK.
• It’s serviceable and has been designed with the circular economy in mind.


What is Figaro used for?


Figaro is ideally suited to commercial and retail environments and is often used as part of a Category A fit-out. The definition of a Cat A fit-out varies from developer to developer, but generally, it is the most basic level of fit provided by a developer to a landlord. It will feature essential mechanical and electrical services, including lighting.  




Who has Figaro been designed for?


We designed Figaro for lighting designers and architects to use within large scale commercial projects. Once they decide they’d like to use Figaro within their lighting design, they specify this in their plans, and we supply the product through electrical contractors.  


Is the product serviceable?


Yes, the Figaro range has been designed with the circular economy in mind. A circular economy relies on the principle that products should be designed to be reusable in order to reduce waste. Waste is cut by ensuring that products are as long-lasting, serviceable and easily repaired.


At Kemps, we continue taking steps to adopt the principles of a circular economy moving forward. That includes our luminaire reuse service.


Does the Figaro range come with a warranty?


Yes. We’re committed to supporting all our installations with warranties. Figaro comes with a serviceable, 5-year warranty.

Figaro in action



We delivered a series of concept luminaires for a new facility at the University of Leeds campus – the International Centre for Engineering and Physical Science (ICEPS). There were five parts to the concept:


1. Atrium feature lighting

2. Stairwell centre feature pendant lighting

3. Stairwell balustrade lighting

4. Exhibition space lighting

5. Freestanding floor lighting


We used Figaro 100 for this project, as well as creating additional lighting areas using our standard Figaro 60 products as the design and build progressed. We were extremely pleased with the results, and the lighting is a particularly striking part of the completed building.


Would you like to use Figaro in an upcoming project? Please get in touch with our team.

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Figaro is a linear LED solution for commercial offices, public areas and CAT A projects. Find out more.