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Explore and buy high performance LED accent lighting solutions, designed and delivered by respected and experienced global experts.

Manufactured to British and EU compliance standards, our superior range of LED accent lights can be configured to meet your precise project specifications.

The insight we’ve gleaned over 30+ years in the architectural lighting industry ensures that every criteria is catered for; from quality components and LED technologies from Osram, Luxeon and other leading brands, to Bluetooth capabilities for wireless lighting controls.

Our products are as diverse as the unique designs they’re utilised in, with a range of styles including LED pendants, lanterns, wayfinding lights and display bar lights. Each product has a wide range of options to choose from, so you get the exact size, profile, mounting, colour temperature, light intensity, beam angles and voltage required to ensure your finished design creates the most effective impact.

We also ensure you have all the accessories needed for ease of installation, such as stainless steel end caps, suspension wires and more.

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Proteus FX

Introducing Proteus FX, an innovative Aluminum flexible profile designed to effortlessly conform to curved and undulating surfaces, …


Flexus 9

Flexus 9 is a dual bi-domed linear LED fixture designed for versatile applications, including facades, sculptures, decorative …


Proteus A

Meet Proteus A, a stylish linear LED fixture meticulously crafted for effortless integration into tiled walls, ceramic, …


Proteus G

Proteus G stands out as a distinctive suspended linear fixture, featuring dual-sided illumination that enhances its adaptability …


Proteus G1

Proteus G1 presents itself as a unique suspended square fixture, distinguished by dual-sided illumination that boosts its …


Proteus G2

Proteus G2 represents a series of pendant luminaires with a distinctive circular design, featuring illumination on both …


Proteus K

Proteus K stands out as a slim and elegant LED light fixture designed to enhance any space …


Proteus N

Introducing Proteus N, a decorative linear LED fixture designed for seamless integration into walls and ceilings, creating …


Regis 1

Introducing Regis 1, a compact and adaptable linear LED lighting solution perfectly tailored for commercial and retail …


Regis 2

Introducing Regis 2, the premium lighting solution crafted for desk spaces in a variety of environments, including …


Regis 3

Regis 3 is the ideal lighting solution for showcasing cabinets of varying shapes and sizes, delivering top-tier …


Regis 4

Regis 4 is a versatile lighting solution, perfectly suited for desk spaces in educational institutions, libraries, and …


Regis 5

Regis 5 is a sleek, wall-mounted linear LED luminaire, perfectly suited for illuminating pictures or bookshelves in …



The Sabre range is a quality decorative LED pendant which can transform and add striking coloured effects …



Sabre RGBW is a quality decorative LED pendant which can transform and add striking coloured effects to …



The Sabre Pixel range is a quality decorative LED digital pendant which can transform and add striking …