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Browse and select linear LED lighting products for your projects and configure them to fit your specification.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our linear LED lighting products are built with robust aluminium bodies for a sleek finish. Using LED technology from Luxeon, Osram, and Samsung, every linear LED product is built from quality components.

Every project is different, and we meet your specification. From length and mounting to colour temperature, beam angle and lumens, our linear LED lighting products are configurable to the exact parameters of your design.  

Linear LED lighting products are tested to meet British standards and designed to meet various IP ratings. Find the linear LED lighting products you need and browse and export the configurable specifications.

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Alphaeus 3 – DW50

The Dynamic White IP67 option for Alphaeus 3 is an excellent selection for open spaces, where the …


Alphaeus 3 – MO50

Alphaeus 3 is a high-powered, IP67-rated linear LED wall washer meticulously designed for exterior applications and facades. …



Azuna linear LED represents a high-performance lighting system specially crafted for indirect lighting solutions demanding high lumen …


Figaro 60 A P

Figaro 60 A P represents a pendant linear LED system designed to deliver uninterrupted and evenly distributed …


Figaro 60 A P RGBW

Figaro 60 A P RGBW represents an extraordinary lighting solution that delivers a captivating color-changing effect within …


Figaro 60 B P (direct/indirect)

The Figaro 60 B P stands as a sophisticated and elegant linear LED system that offers uninterrupted …


Figaro 60 A R

Introducing Figaro 60 A R, a versatile and premium linear LED system that excels in a wide …


Figaro 60 A S

Figaro 60 A S represents a chic linear LED system for surface installation, providing a continuous, uninterrupted …


Figaro 60 A S IP54

Introducing Figaro 60 A S, a surface-mounted linear LED system designed for outdoor applications, with an IP54 …


Figaro 60 C

Figaro 60 C is a sophisticated linear LED system with recessed trim, providing continuous, unbroken lines of …


Figaro 60 C IP54

Figaro 60 C is a stylish IP54 recessed with trim, linear LED system which offers continuous lines …


Figaro 40 A P

Figaro 40 A P presents a chic suspended linear LED system that provides a seamless flow of …


Figaro 40 A R

Introducing Figaro 40 A R, a recessed trimless linear LED system that delivers seamless, uninterrupted, and uniformly …


Figaro 40 A S

Figaro 40 A S is a stylish surface linear LED system which offers continuous lines of uninterrupted …


Figaro 40 B (direct/indirect)

Introducing our latest linear LED lighting innovation – Figaro 40 B. This cutting-edge direct/indirect linear LED system …


Figaro 40 C

Figaro 40 C is a stylish recessed with trim, linear LED system which offers continuous lines of …


Figaro 40 L C (Dark Light Technology)

Presenting Figaro 40 L C, a streamlined and compact recessed linear system with trim, meticulously designed around …


Figaro 40 L P (Dark Light Technology)

Introducing Figaro 40 L P, a compact and stylish suspended linear system thoughtfully designed around a unique …