Flexus – Sauna

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Enhance the ambience of these relaxation areas with a beautiful soft wash of in-direct light using our Flexus – Sauna flexible LED strip. The perfect solution for Saunas and Steam Rooms where high temperatures and humidity are experienced. Available in various colour temperatures ranging from 2200K>6500K with total dimming control.

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Steam Rooms

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High quality uniform light source

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2200K > 6500K

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100% Max Ambient Humidity

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90°C Ambient Working Temperature

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Horizontal or Vertical bend

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IP67 rated

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Powered from one end or both ends

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Environmentally friendly & energy efficient

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Easy to install

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Silicone material

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3 years warranty

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Flexus Sauna Image 2

Technical Information
Type FX2
Bending Horizontal Horizontal or Vertical Vertical
Colours & Lumens/m

2200K = 160lm

2700K = 180lm

3000K = 200lm

3500K = 200lm

4000K = 200lm

5700K = 200lm

2200K = 225lm

2700K = 280lm

3000K = 280lm

3500K = 290lm

4000K = 290lm

5700K = 290lm

2200K = 350lm

2700K = 400lm

3000K = 450lm

3500K = 450lm

4000K = 450lm

5700K = 450lm

6500K = 450lm

CRI 80
LED Chip 2835
Binning <5 SCDM
Voltage Input 24V DC
Min Cut Length
83.3mm 55.6mm 166.67mm
Min Bend Diameter 120mm 300mm 50mm
Switched - Phase Dimming - DALI - 0-10V
IP Rating IP67
Ambient Relative Humidity 100%
Operating Ambient Temperature 90°C max
Material Silicone
Max Length - 1 Lead 10m
Connection 5m tail to bare ends