Spotlight on Proteus – The versatile linear LED fitting

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By: Kemps

Proteus is our slim, linear aluminium LED fixture designed for use within premium quality, in-direct lighting systems.

First created in 2015, we’re constantly refining Proteus to better suit the requirements of the many lighting designers and architects, who continually specify it. Over the years, it has been specified within numerous high-profile projects including, most recently, the Berkeley Hotel, London.

Lighting designers love the flexibility of Proteus. Available in three different outputs, a range of colour temperatures and with the ability to specify different power consumption levels (7W, 11W and 17W), this linear LED fitting can be adapted to suit almost any design.

We have detailed spec sheets explaining all of the many features, but to help you understand more about Proteus’ capabilities at a glance, we thought we’d focus on some of its benefits for you right now:

Choose from a range of colour temperatures

With colours temperatures varying from 2200k, 2400k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and 5700k, Proteus is suitable for designs ranging from hospitality and retail to commercial and private residences. We’ve specifically created this choice, so that our customers can achieve their desired temperature – without compromise.

Get your dimensions exactly right

There’s nothing lighting designers and architects dislike more than having to amend their designs because of restrictions caused by their materials. That’s why we made Proteus available in 50mm increments, enabling accurate dimensions that fit easily within the wider scheme to be achieved.

Benefit from OSRAM LED technology

A 2016 amendment helped us to improve the colour consistency and increase the lumen output of Proteus.

Using the OSRAM Duris S2 LEDs for our unique PCB design, Proteus offers more than 2200 lumens per metre, with a power consumption of 17W (circuit watts). This means our customers can benefit from more than 120 lumens per circuit watt, making Proteus a powerful and energy efficient option.

Refine your colour palette

To help you create your ideal palette, Proteus is available in Dynamic White, RGBW and RGBA. RGBA fixtures project a warm shade of white and exceptionally rich shades of gold, yellow, amber and orange. While RGBW fixtures project a cool shade of white and are ideal for mixing pastels.

Choose from a range of optics

Optics impact the way an LED distributes light throughout the surrounding space, which can help achieve the desired effect. Proteus is available in a range of optics, helping complementary tones to be achieved that enhance the schemes at hand.

Lighting, particularly in-direct lighting, is a subtle art form, which is why we’ve worked hard to make each and every component part of Proteus as adaptable as possible. You can find details of the full range in our downloadable spec sheets, which include photometric files. Building Information Modelling (BIM) files are also available on request.

Want to use Proteus for your next project? Get in touch to discuss your project requirements with us or to get a quote.

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