Spotlight on Mersus – The in-ground linear LED fitting

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By: Kemps

Mersus is our compact linear LED fixture designed for in-ground applications.

Created back in 2015, Mersus has become a staple amongst lighting designers, specifiers and architects. It’s relied upon for its durability within both outdoor and indoor schemes.

With a sturdy aluminium outer sleeve and an IP rating of IP67, Mersus performs in even the most demanding of environments. The fixture has been designed to stand up to overhead footfall, making it ideal for in-ground applications in busy areas like entranceways and corridors.

Built to last

Designed to suit a range of settings and locations, the fixture is effective within temperatures of -25°C to 70°C. Mersus LEDs have an approximate lifespan of 50,000 hours when installed within settings where the temperature is no higher than 25° on average.

Create the ideal balance

In terms of light quality, Mersus is completely adaptable and comes in white (2700K – 3000K – 4000K – 5700K), RGB and RGBW for dynamic colour sequencing. The product’s OSRAM LEDs provide a smooth and homogenous glow through solid acrylic lenses.

Mersus comes in 4 standard lengths of 520mm, 1020mm, 1520mm & 2020mm, as well as being customisable, making it easy to select your desired formation right down to the finest millimetre. Every variation of Mersus is fully dimmable and complete with remote 24V remote drivers.

Easy installation –Wherever the location

The name Mersus comes for the Latin for ‘immersed’ or ‘sunken’ – and that’s exactly how the product is designed to be used. Its simple rectangular body makes it easy to install, with a small 70mm high x 44mm wide channel being all that’s required to slot the fixture into place.

Mersus is typically fixed in place with sealant (supplied by Kemps), which creates a completely watertight, smooth surface finish. The results are both aesthetically pleasing and hugely practical. The product specification contains step-by-step instructions explaining exactly how to achieve this.

In-ground lighting is the ideal way of brightening up communal areas which may experience heavy footfall, as fixtures are neatly packed away and resistant to wear and tear. The finished results look smart, sleek and contemporary, just like this commercial office reception at Bond Court, Leeds.

“Kemps’ understanding of what was required for the innovative, intricate and potentially difficult floor-recessed LED profile system was exemplary. It included detailed component list, layout drawing and on site assistance upon installation.”

Ian Kerray, WD Lighting UK, speaking of his experience working with Kemps on the Bond Court project.

Want to use Mersus for your next project? Get in touch to discuss your project requirements with us or to get a quote.

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