In 2010, the directors of Kemps Architectural Lighting decided it was time to invest in the future of the business.  Production of the cold cathode was nearing its maximum and it was time to consider increasing capacity but also the brave decision to test the toe in the LED market.


Although Kemps had dealt with LED for a number of years it was important that the development of new product would have to be synonymous with the Kemps brand.  Kemps reputation for delivering quality and value for money backed by the companies ethos in making every project personal so that every attention to detail was taken care of.


This meant the search for strategic partners was specific in its requirement.  Quality being a very high priority as all products developed or taken on had to fit with the brand and be able to maintain the high standards being achieved. 


We wanted to develop bespoke LED lighting that gives the designer the power to be able to demonstrate their skills as well as have a standard range to fit the everyday needs also.


We looked at just producing linear LED systems but our customers are also asking us for point source lighting also so we set about our task and took our time in finding the right partners to move forward with.  This is so we can continue to innovate and work on specialist projects and creating specialist products which you can see in our range.


We use Phillip, Cree, Bridgelux, LG, Samsung and Osram chips in our projects and our focus is very much on architectural linear lighting and believe we have the products to suit every circumstance.  If you can't find the product you want then we will build it to your spec, this is the versatility that we are able to offer.  Our projects and design teams are on hand to meet with you and make your projects a reality.


You will see from our project list that we have an existing track record of quality projects.  Check out Solna a purpose built 3D light feature, manufactured and installed by us, The Colonnade in Victoria, combining two led sources to give a real sense of a living space. Or for something really special how about the swirls at Almere a truly distinguished lighting complex that combines both LED and cold cathode where the lighting colour between the two was matched.  For something more traditional how about the Sheraton in Edinburgh back lit walls and colour changing ballrooms give an indication of the expertise you should expect when you spec the Kemps Brand.




Q: Is this new technology?


A: Technology for LED has been around for decades, advancement in recent years has meant more efficient diodes being able to offer brighter light sources in a variety of colours.


Q: Do I need a transformer?


A: In most cases yes as the systems are 12 or 24 volt but we are able to offer mains controlled units also, but these are pre formed light fittings.


Q: Does it have a long life?


A: The LED has a very long life, but the whole life depends on a number of factors which included heat management.  The honest answerer is between 20 and 50,000 hours.


Q: How do I prevent colour shift changes?


A: Simple, only use a company you trust, much is true with LED, you get what you pay for.  Beware of cheap imports, we have seen many others get their fingers burnt.


Q: How do I choose the pitch and output?


A: Top question, I can't speak for everyone but this is where we talk of the Kemp brand.  This is what we are here for, to provide samples and work to get exactly what you want rather than just controlling the maximum output products.


Q: What about maintenance?


A: many companies are so intent on the producing the next range the existing products are obsolete before the warranty is up.  We are committed to supporting all our installations, this brings us back to the Kemps Brand this long term approach is what you will get from us.


Q: Do you manufacture?


A: We have set up new production lines here in the UK to deal with an increasing order book but this is why our strategic partners are so important and this is the reason it has taken us two years to put the best range possible together.


Q: Where can I get the spec sheets?


A: Our website has a comprehensive range but our capabilities go well beyond this.  If we don't have what you want tell us, and we will make it for you.

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