LED lighting for designers that’s lighting the way

We’re leading the way in creating LED lighting that helps designers, specifiers and architects overcome both standard and unique lighting design challenges.


Initially, our aim was to develop bespoke LED lighting that gave designers the power to showcase their skills, as well as have a standard range they can turn to, to solve their everyday lighting needs.

Increasingly durable and highly effective

Fast forward 10+ years and we’ve developed an extensive Linear LED and Flexible LED lighting range that we’re constantly reviewing and refining and is increasingly durable and effective.

Trusted brands and proven results

As for manufacturers, we only work with tried-and-tested market-leading brands, such as Luxeon, OSRAM, Samsung and Tridonic LEDs. This gives our clients peace of mind that our LED solutions tick all of the right boxes, particularly in relation to efficiency, lumens per watt and price.

Our LED lighting for designers:

• Comes from the same ‘binning’ – to enable our clients to achieve colour consistency and easily match any replacements they may need in the future

• Is available in a spectrum of colour temperatures - our LED lighting temperatures span from 2200K to 5700K, and from warm soft white light LED sources for hospitality settings, to cooler whites for external, commercial and retail environments

• Are made to last - our fittings, most of which have an IP67 rating, are designed to withstand harsh exterior environments. Most of our LED lights also come with a five-year warranty, as standard

• Comply with the latest industry standards – all of our LED lights meet the Separated Extra Low Voltage (SELV) regulations

See what can be achieved with our LED lighting for yourself….

Our standard and bespoke LED lighting for designers, which includes our pioneering Proteus, Azuna and Flexus products, is used far and wide to help bring all different types of projects to life. Check out our latest case studies. 



Q: What is your main focus for LED lighting?


A: Our focus is very much on architectural linear lighting that doesn’t just work well, but looks exceptional too. We use Phillip, Cree, Bridgelux, LG, Samsung and Osram chips in our projects.


Q: Are LEDs eco-friendly?


A: Yes, they are. The composition of LEDs are made up of non-toxic materials. They’re also 100% recyclable too.


Q: What are lumens?


A: Lumens are used to measure the visible intensity of light sources. For example, the lumens for a hotel bathroom would be app 1000-1500 lumens, but a high bay LED for a factory would be app 15-20000 lumens.


Q: What’s a good lumen output?


A: It all depends on the product and the watts that are being consuming. The more lumens and less watts, the better the efficiency. The more watts there are, the more heat is generated, which is managed by aluminium heatsinks in many point source LED fittings. They work by reflecting heat away from the LED. Typical spotlights today can provide 1500 lumens from app 10W.


Q: Does LED lighting have a long lifespan?


A: LEDs have a very long life, but it does depend on a number of factors, which include heat management. The honest answer is between 20,000 and 50,000 hours.


Q: Do I need a transformer?


A: In most cases, yes, as the systems are 12 or 24 volts, but we can also provide mains-controlled units that are pre-formed light fittings.


Q: How do I prevent colour shift changes?


A: Really easily, by using a company you trust. You get what you pay for with LED lighting and it’s always best to avoid cheap imports.


Q: What about maintenance?


A: We’re committed to supporting all of our installations by offering warranties that last for at least five years. You won’t find our existing products become obsolete before the warranty is up.

Q: Why choose Kemps’ LED lighting over other products on the market?

A: From the initial contact through to site delivery, our aim is to make our clients’ lives easier by providing them with a hassle-free experience. We strive to design the widest range of the best LED lighting products on the market and are proud to say they’re all manufactured right here in the UK.

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