Our Statement of Commitment

Updated January 2021

Kemps Architectural Lighting Ltd is one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers and installers of LED lighting. The group’s activities include manufacture, assembly, delivery and fitting of products directly to customers throughout the world. The company fully understands its dependence and impact upon the environment and recognizes the importance of sound environmental management practice. In turn we recognize the need to form partnerships with suppliers and sub-contractors who have an equal commitment to the environment.

Our management of environmental issues

Our management of environmental issues – is actively pursued by our management, and our health, safety and environmental team, who will give due regard to environmental law, best practice in environmental issues in business and industry, and environmental innovations, and take advice as required from Recolight. Good environmental practice will in turn be adopted as part of our current operations and future business decisions. We will as part of our purchasing policy seek partners who have the same commitment to environmental issues as we do and have formally stated such intentions in their own policies.

Our focus on lower energy usage and efficiency

We use power in many different forms from lighting and heating, to processing and transportation. At all times our focus is to achieve low usage through cutting wastage of energy or by investing in energy efficient equipment, processes, systems and vehicles. Dual use of energy in heating and processing also cuts our pro rata energy consumption to a minimum which is always our aim. Clean energy usage is also important to us as energy can create pollution and this "whole" approach gives us a sound balanced energy policy.

Our focus on getting the most from material resources

We use materials that often are taken from natural resources such as metals (fittings), woods (packaging) and sand (glass). We adopt a policy of re-use, re-cycle and renew, such that no materials are thrown away, all materials can be re-cycled, and what materials we do draw from natural resources that can be renewable as well as recyclable are sourced accordingly.

Getting the most from materials resources means getting the least waste

As part of our main target to manufacture and fit our products to the best quality possible with the least use of energy and resources, we also focus strongly on waste production. This may be from our processes, it also may be from our people, and we work to a policy of every little helps so whatever can be re-used or re-cycled should be actively sorted and segregated from “waste” and re-used or forwarded for re-cycle such that our production of waste to landfill will be minimized at all times.

As a team

We continually make every effort to review our process’s and implement new and encouraging policies wherever possible. We ensure all our staff are fully aware of our sustainability policy and committed to implementing and improving it. Travel to meetings is reduced where alternatives can take place such as email and video conferencing. Alternatively, we arrange efficient timings of meetings to avoid both multiple trips and deliveries. As far as practically possible we arrange for re-use, re cycle of office waste including paper, computer supplies and redundant equipment. We have invested to achieve a more paperless office by using software that allows all employees to share systems electronically and eliminating the reproduction of documentation for manufacturing processes.

Working with our partners

We recognize that environmental matters are worldwide matters as well as local so we will work with international suppliers and customers, but also local suppliers, customers, our employees and the local community wherever we can work in some sort of partnership to improve any aspect of the environment. We will respond to any environmental initiative wherever it comes from and will encourage our employees through our policy, our practical actions and the resultant environmental training of our employees to be fully on board with our policy and in turn make their own personal contributions to what should be a “worldwide effort”.

Our recycling partner


Recolight 1


As a Recolight member we are committed to ensuring lamp recycling is as easy, efficient and cost effective as possible. All our lamps can be recycled simply and at no cost through Recolight - the only specialist WEEE compliance scheme to have a dedicated network of collection points.


Our WEEE registration number: WEE/FK3137XU


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 On behalf of the board of directors of Kemps Architectural Lighting Ltd,


Mark Kemp

Managing Director.


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