These two linear LED fittings are now IP67-rated for outdoor use

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By: Kemps

Introducing the new and improved Proteus and Azuna

These linear LED fixtures are now available for outdoor installation.

At Kemps, we’re never quite satisfied with creating a product and then leaving it on the shelf, especially when it comes to some of our most frequently specified products. If we notice there’s something we can improve on, we’ll do exactly that.

We recently invested in two products from our linear LED range, Proteus and Azuna. We’ve upgraded their IP ratings to IP67, expanding their applications to include exterior and wet locations.

Improving on an accomplished design

Both products offer uniform, high lumen light within sleek aluminium casing, making them the ideal fixtures for decorative and indirect lighting schemes.

Proteus and Azuna have been helping lighting designers, architects and specifiers to create extraordinary interior schemes for several years. Here’s an example of them in action at the Lutron European Experience Centre.

Updated features – at a glance

Above: Proteus KL-PRO-F, KL-PRO-I, KL-PRO-M



Due to their range of adaptable features, designers and specifiers can use Proteus and Azuna as hidden or visible light sources in a range of different settings. No longer simply for interiors, there’s no limit to where these linear lighting products can add value.

Exterior applications could include:

In our role as architectural lighting manufacturers, listening to our customers, offering solutions and anticipating what they might require in the future is a huge part of what we do. It’s fantastic to be able to evolve our product range in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

Do you have any questions about the new and improved Proteus or Azuna? Perhaps you’d like to specify a product for your next project? Get in touch to discuss your requirements or get a quote.

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