What’s the lifespan of LED lighting fixtures?

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The lifespan of LED lighting fixtures

LED is the most energy efficient lighting technology. LEDs last for several years and stand up to harsh conditions, making them suited to large, commercial schemes and domestic settings.

The estimated lifespan of LED lighting fixtures is something we often get asked about. Lighting designers and specifiers need to know the products they use aren’t going to fail, causing inconvenience to them and the client.

How long do LED lighting fixtures last on average?

LED specifications state 50,000 hours as an approximate lifetime, which is between 5-6 years. It could be the LEDs last longer than this, but this is the average lifespan that you should plan for.

Why do some LEDs last longer than others?

Heat dissipation is vital in any LED fitting. If the heat is not thermally managed out of the LED by an aluminium heatsink, the lifespan will be significantly shorter. Good management of heat prolongs LED life and performance.

Poor heat management causes LEDs to run too hot and the output and life expectancy is reduced. It’s also important to make sure the LED is underrun in terms of current to prolong the lifespan. The LED operating parameters must be verified during the design process.

Do weather conditions affect the lifespan of LED lighting outdoors?

The only weather to affect operational LEDs would be direct sunlight which would possibly cause overheating. Lighting is not typically placed in locations subject to heavy direct sunlight, so this doesn’t tend to be an issue.

Do LED fixtures require any maintenance to reach their estimated lifespan?

This depends on where the LED is fitted. If it’s in a tunnel or near a road, for instance, then cleaning is required. Dirt and grease build up retains heat in the fitting which can cause damage to the LED. Any fitting should be wiped clean every year or so to remove dust and maintain optimum performance.

What examples are there of long-lasting LED fixtures?

Alphaeus 3 provides lasting results for exterior and façade schemes and Proteus is the linear LED fixture designed for interiors. The fixtures contain Luxeon LEDs and the aluminium profiles are designed for excellent thermal management.

How does the manufacture of fixtures support the lifespan of LEDs?

To be certain your LEDs are built to last, order from a regulated manufacturer who tests their products. Kemps LED products are designed to meet current European standards. LED products are tested at each stage of the design process to ensure fitting perform as intended. We test for earth leakage if required and details are recorded for traceability.

We comply with regulatory advice provided by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Lighting Industry Association (LIA), and are members of Made in Britain.

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